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The Girls

Hidden Lake Sable, ALAA-058946

It was a great surprise to get this beautiful girl.  She is considered a sable color, so we thought "Sable" would be a good name for her.  She will carry the cream, red, apricot, chocolate, and sable gene. Sable lives in a guardian home in Lake City, Florida, with Sally.  She is a sweetheart. She weighs 26 pounds.


Hidden Lake Pippa, ALAA-079742

Pippa is our up-and-coming breeder.  Her special family says she is so much fun and a joy to be around.  So glad she's a part of their family!!  She carries the red, cream, apricot, and parti genes.  She is medium in size and weighs around 34 pounds. I can't wait to see her furbabies!!

Hidden Lake Pippa

Hidden Lake Bella Mae ALAA-082268

Bella Mae is a gorgeous mini girl weighing 17 pounds.  She lives in a loving guardian home, getting lots of love and attention every day.  You can't help but chuckle when you see how cute and vivacious she is!  She will carry the red, cream, apricot, sable, and parti gene.



Bella Mae

Hidden Lake Cora



Hidden Lake Cora

Future Breeders

Hidden Lake Stella Kate

Hidden Lake Stella Kate

Hidden Lake Mocha Latte

Hidden Lake Mocha Latte

Retired Girls

Hidden Lake Sally, ALAA-054873

Sally is the daughter of Hidden Lake Stella and Memory Lake Reesy.  Sally just loves to be loved!  She is a gentle soul who always looks like she has a smile on her face.  She will carry cream, red, and apricot.  Sally lives in a guardian home in Lake City, Florida.  She weighs 26 pounds.


Hidden Lake Mia, ALAA-079734

She is a spunky little girl who loves everyone she comes into contact with.  She is awesome, and we're excited to add her to our breeding program.  She is a large mini, weighing 22 pounds, and she carries the red, apricot, cream, and parti genes. Thank you to her wonderful guardian family!!


Hidden Lake Lilly Belle, ALAA-073953

Lilly Belle is a little bouncing bundle of joy!  She lives with the most amazing guardian family in Trenton and gets to go on adventures to the river and the beach.  She loves the water. She is excited to see the future litters with sweet Lilly Belle!  She is a large mini and carries the red, cream, apricot, and parti genes.  She weighs 20.6 pounds.

Lilly Belle Smiling

Hidden Lake Dixie Grace ALAA-079746

Dixie Grace lives in the guardian home with Lilly Belle!  The look in her eyes says it all!  Love, love, and more love!  Looking forward to future litters with her!  She will carry cream, red, apricot, chocolate, and parti!  Dixie Grace is a medium weighing 25 pounds.

Hidden Lake Dixie Grace


Contact us at (386) 292-6097 in Lake City, Florida, for more information on upcoming litters.